2017 Top 5 Table and Chair Trends for Spring Weddings

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Spring has sprung, you're getting married and that special day is fast approaching. We searched and read all of the 2017 Spring Wedding Trend lists and compiled the best of the best. So let's get going on our Top 5 Spring Wedding Trends for 2017.

1. Cocktail Table hour Style Receptions

According to bridalguide.com, the seated Dinner is "Out" and Cocktail-hour style is "In". Many couples didn't want their guests waiting at their designated Banquet Table for a long time before they get to eat so they have opted for a more casual "food stations" where people can stand at a Cocktail Table, hang out and satisfy their appetites at their leisure. We have been to many a wedding where we had to wait a, "seemed like it was forever" long time before we had plates at our table. Maybe we just picked the wrong table, my breath smelled or because my last name start with "Y". It always seemed like we were the last ones to get fed. No, I'm not bitter. It's a conspiracy I tell ya. Let's move on!

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2. Traditional Wedding Cake Table

Yes, I repeat, the Traditional Wedding Cake Table is making a come back. When did it go away? As reported by BridalGuide.com, I guess some couples were choosing to have a banquet dessert table instead of a Square Table with the traditional Wedding Cake.  If there is one tradition that should not be replaced, it is the Traditional Wedding Cake Table. The traditional wedding cake is super symbolic of the union and commitment that you are making to each other. Why would you not want to eat cake that's been in your freezer for a year. Just make sure to wrap it with 100 sheets of plastic wrap. Yum!

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3. Specialty Drink Bar Top Tables

This is a great cost saving and unique idea where everybody benefits. Having a full bar is great idea, but having a Specialty Drink Bar Top allows you to serve a drinking experience that compliments all meals and save you money at the same time. How about a Margarita Bar or even a whiskey and a wine bar. This idea will definitely give your guests an awesome experience. Be creative, a Energy Drink mixed drink bar sounds amazing. Salud!

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4. Color, Color and Color

Imagine having Red Chiavari Chairs or Pink Cross Back Chairs (aka X Back Chair) at your wedding instead of the classy Fruitwood or Gold Chiavari Chairs. Colors is the latest and greatest trend according to "The Knot". When looking at all of the different designs, it seems like designers are using color to complement your usual classic colors like gold and natural wood to add a little splash and pizzazz, is that a word. I don't have a problem with adding a little color. The new trend in gold Chiavari Chair, is now called the Rose Gold Chiavari Chair. I still think that the Gold Chiavari looks amazing but the new Rose Gold Chiavari is incredibly amazing.

Photo: theknot.com

5. French Bistro Cafe Chairs

This chair choice was a surprise and seemed to come out from no where. I was not a believer when I first heard about this new trend. Then I started to see more and more of these chairs everywhere on Pinterest. At first glance, the French Bistro chairs do not look strong and actually looks like they would bend and break with my big rear end sitting in one. These little guys are strong and made with very thick gauge steel. The wood slats are usually made out of a hard wood like Birch, Teak or Walnut, not easy to break but also simple to fix and replace if something should happen. The french bistro chair also come in a large variety of colors, which makes them even more trendy for 2017. The French Bistro Cafe Chair is now my personal favorite of events chairs. So go check them out and get yours today!

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There you have it. The 5 Top Table and Chair Trends for Spring Weddings 2017. When you visit EventsUber.com for your table and chair needs, rest assured we will do our best to have the latest and greatest. If we don't, all you have to do is ask. Give us a call 1-844-368-3828.

Let us know if you know of any other trends and leave a comment below.


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