Chiavari Chairs & 5 Reasons Why These Chairs Are Chosen?


Why Do Brides and Wedding Planners Choose Chiavari Chairs? 

Pronounced (shiv-uh-ree), the Elegant Chiavari Chair has been the classic chair of choice among brides and wedding planners for many decades. Why is this chair so popular among Brides and Wedding Planners?


1. It Was Designed by an Italian in Italy







We all know that the best chair designs come from the Italians right. Created and designed in 1807 in the small coastal town of Chiavari, Italy, by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi. The Chiavari chair still displays the delicate Italian Ligurian craftsmanship that they did more than 200 years ago. BTW, no that's not Giuseppe. Sorry Ladies. Got your attention now? 


2. Everybody is Using Them






Don't you dare to be different. You see Chiavari Chairs used at parties in T.V. Sitcoms like the "Mindy Project". The Do-it-yourself Cable channels always use them on their Food or Wedding Planner Reality Shows. Even POTUS uses Chiavari's at the White House for Dinner Parties or formal Diplomatic Meetings with Very Important People sitting in them. Well, there you go, you can use these because you're definitely a VIP.


3. They Come in 1000 Colors





Well, maybe not 1000 colors, but there are a lot of colors to choose from. Some of the more common colors for weddings are Mahogany, Silver, Gold and Whitewash. These are the colors you see in most magazines, blog posts or wedding websites. As you can see in the examples above, you can actually dare to be different with bright pink, green, yellow and even red.


4. They Are Better Than Other Chairs







Sounds kinda snobby of the Chiavari right? Well here are 5 reasons why they are better than other Banquet Chairs. 1. Chiavari Chairs were designed to be light. 2. The Chiavari is skinnier than most banquet chairs so you can fit more around a Folding Round Table. 3. They come with free cushions (well depends on where you buy them) 4. Easier to stack and store 5. Everybody is using them (wait, didn't I already say this?).


5. Chiavari Chairs Just Look Good

Need I say more. Let me stop writing here and start showing you these Classic Chiavari Chairs.


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