Folding Banquet Table, What You Need to Know About Them

All About Folding Banquet Table Sizes

Folding Banquet table's come in various sizes, ranging in shape, diameter and height. There are many types of banquet table styles to choose from, each serving their own purpose. Below, we will explain the various table sizes, and how they're used...

Use this Banquet Table Buyer's Guide for determining what banquet tables to use and how to set them up.

Folding Banquet Tables are made of either 3/4" seamless plywood or blow molded plastic. Both types feature a high quality durable  wish-bone collapsable leg feature.  Most tables come with a vinyl edge to prevent damage.

Most common folding banquet tables come in either round or rectangular dimensons. Depending on the application will depend on the type of table you'll setup.

Most banquet tables are standard height 30" from the ground.  Highboy Tables feature an adjustable height, depending how they will be used. The most common round table is 60" in diameter, while the most common rectangular table is 8 ft in length. 

How much space should I leave between guests?

  • Allow 18" for guest from edge of table to back of chair.
  • Leave about 6" to 8" of space between each chair. This will allow the guests to sit more comfortably, and get up/down easier.

What is the appropriate table spacing?

  • 42" of free space between squared tables. This will allow 6" of free space between back of chairs. 
  • 60" of free space between squared tables will allow you to create a 26" aisle way between chair backs. 
Note: California state law requires a minimum 54" of space between tables.

Seating guests comfortably around round banquet tables

  • 36" Seats 4 People
  • 42" Seats 5 People
  • 48" Seats 5 People
  • 54" Seats 6 People
  • 60" Seats 8 People
  • 72" Seats 10 People

How many guests will fit around a rectangular banquet table?

  • 4 people: 30 x 48
  • 6 people: 30 x 72
  • 8 people: 30 x 96 (place seats on each end of table and you will seat 10 people)

Seating guests comfortably around rectangular banquet tables

  • 4 people: use 30 x 48 
  • 6 people: use 30 x 72 
  • 8 people: use 30 x 96 (cap ends to seat 10 people)

How many people can you seat around a seminar table?

  • 18 x 72: 3 people (1 side)
  • 18 x 96: 4 people (1 side)

If you need to seat more than 10 guests at a round folding banquet table, consider using serpentine or seminar tables.


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