In 5 Steps, How Big Would the Dance Floor have to be at the Inaugurati


Looking at the Presidential Inauguration: 
How Big Would Your Dance Floor Be In 5 Steps?

This week the team has been working hard on the launch of Dance Floors as we make it available to you on As I watched the Presidential Inauguration, I was looking at all the people in attendance in which a random thought came to my mind, How big would the dance floor need to be at the Inauguration? We thought to give it a good try and figure it out.


Step 1: The 30-Percent Rule

First we would need to figure out the total number of people that will be on the dance floor at any given time. A good rule of thumb to use is 30% of the total people in attendance of your event. They gave an estimate of 800,000 in attendance at the inauguration, so 30% equals 240,000. For your nerds out there, equation has been placed below. Using the equation, our dance floor will need to be able to fit 240,000 dancers. Imagine seeing 240,000 people dancing to Uptown Funk, whoa!

Step 2: Dance Floor Size

At EventsUber, our dance floors come available in 4x4, 3x4 and 1x1 tile sizes. To figure out the dance floor size, let us assume that we are using 1’X1’ tiles and a baseline of a 200 person dance floor. Right now you’re probably thinking, oh no, not another mathematical formula. This time I decided to save you from doing any math. I was able to find a handy chart that gives us the dance floor sizes for smaller sizes. Using the handy chart below, we can then grab our baseline numbers for a 200 person dance floor and then go from there.

Total #

of Guests

Total #

of Dancers

Size of

Dance Floor

Total #

of Tiles



10ft x 10ft




12ft x 12ft




15ft x 15ft




18ft x 18ft




20ft x 20ft




25ft x 25ft




30ft x 30ft




40ft x 40ft




50ft x 50ft


Total Guests: 600

Total Dancers: 200

Dance Floor Size: 30ft x 30ft

Taking these numbers, we would divide 240,000 by 200 to get the number to multiply the dance foor size of our baseline.

240,000/200 = 1200

(30ft * 1200) x (30ft * 1200) = 3600ft x 3600ft

Viola! There we have it. We would need a 3600ft x 3600ft dance floor in order to fit 240,000 dancers doing the electric slide. How many 1X1 tiles will it take to create this massive dance floor.  Not going to make you do math this time since it just extra trivia:

1 x 1 tiles  = 1227664 tiles

4 x 4 tiles = 306916 tiles

Time to party? Not yet.


Step 3: Need a Little Edge to Your Life

Now we know our dance floor size, can we just start dancing? We could, but because the edges of the floor are not finished, we could have a lot of people tripping onto the dance floor and it just doesn’t look good. A trip to the hospital and the liability alone is not fun to think about.

So, how do we fix this? Edging is the answer but how many pieces of edging do we need? Sorry, we are going to have to do some math again but it is a simple formula. We are assuming that we are using 1ft edge pieces.

A + B + C +D =  Total Edging

3600 + 3600 + 3600 + 3600 = 14400 total pieces

Step 5: The Final Dance

Now that we have done all of that math and figured out what size of a dance floor we need, we still have one final decision to make. What color should they choose for their night of fun.

Our best seller, Composite Laminate comes in the following three colors. New England Plank, Black and White. Some people choose the New England Plank for that Upscale appearance of Wood. The Black and White color options offer versatility for a variety of events. You can even create a black-and-white checkered dance floor for that maximum wow factor. I would recommend the checkered, my personal favorite.



Step 6: The Presidential Executive Order

Well Mr. President, can you sign this Presidential Executive Order for us please. Have your people call at (800) 498-9826 to place your order. I believe we already have your address.

Here's the Breakdown of the order.

3600ft x 3600ft Dance Floor

153458 Black Tiles

153458 White Tiles

14400 Edge Pieces


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